Fast detection of infrastructure outages before it actually occurs

Our dependence on the computers and its peripherals has rapidly grown much stronger than our understanding of its underlying structure, operational threats, and overall network health. Wide-scale IT service disturbances are not new. The scale, duration, coverage, and powerful environment of IT infra available to organizations has become life line for their core business. This inspired us at RITIM to offer our capabilities to not only detect but quickly and thoroughly characterize the causes of problems. We developed a comprehensive monitoring solution for your data-center, of any range which helps you in preventing future outages.

Alerts to concerned technical staff via email within 60 seconds of a vital event

Setting right any misbehaved device is of upmost importance for any owner. A technical staff can start troubleshooting only if he is aware of the problem. RITIM NMS sends alert within 60 second of a vital event which could result in un-availability of service to your clients. Concern staff can immediately start analyzing the situation for further troubleshooting.

Alert data can be used for capacity planning of outdated infrastructure

Nothing goes down without any deficiency. Before an IT device stop responding it indicate its misbehavior in certain ways. If the technical staff become responsive of such signals, proper capacity planning can be done. RITIM NMS detect such signals and inform your technical staff of such occurrence, so that they can well prepare beforehand.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly availability reports to certify delivered SLAs

Historical information about you IT infrastructure behavior help forecast your future IT up-gradation and capacity planning for example, historical misbehavior and unavailability of particular device. RITIM NMS provide you with the past information at the right time for you to take benefit while planning.

Ready to scales up without any additional hardware or software requirement

It is proved that a large distributed server infrastructure works well, if not better, than consolidated high-end servers. But what works for someone may not work for everyone. The decision to scale up OR out depends on your organization’s needs. RITIM NMS has been designed to undertake your increasing infrastructure without any change.

Protect your Return on Investment.

Either you are scaling up OR scaling out we are ready to support you whenever you need. Once implemented RITIM NMS does not require any up-gradation of installed hardware OR software. So you do not need to worry of additional expenditure on NMS while planning your future IT upgrade.

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