About us
Dependency on IT infrastructure has grown rapidly in past few years. A need for a reliable and cost effective solutions for monitoring the IT Infrastructures for providing better serving your internal and external clients have always been sought for. IT infrastructure, toady, needs to be monitor 24×7 with exceptionally high up-time and availability, which often requires heavy investment in hardware, software and manpower.
RITIM NMS sets your free from making huge investment in these and lending it to your own trade growth.
RITIMSOL formed by a group of talented professionals from topmost institute having more than 20 years of working experience, who have helped top IT groups in managing their huge data centers all over the world. We understand IT infra from its fundamental conception to start serving organizations and its end users. Being familiar with grass-root issues faced in handling with large IT Infrastructure we put in our efforts so that you can take advantage from it. The difficult faced by us in the past has encouraged us to craft RITIM MNS, enabling you with the mechanism, wherein you do not involve yourself in routine mundane matters but take advantage of our experience in managing your business better. We manage and report your IT Infrastructure’s status live so that you can provide better services to your clients.
At RITIMSOL, we have been providing unique and valued service through dedicated and specialized team of IT professionals, ensuring that you not only meet but surpass the agreed upon SLA terms with your clients.
RITIMSOL services help you cut costs and make your infrastructure more reliable and helping you focus on growing your core business.
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Our brand


augmenting you, by way we do IT
RITIM’s superiority that has been acknowledged, since its origin is that of a PANACEA, which always keeps us ahead of others. Our attributes are transparency and dynamism. There has been a determination of proactiveness in RITIM’s manifestation to benefit you from your own IT setup.
At RITIM we believe in “go green” initiative and hence the design of our website. We believe that as a human we should protect our mother earth and to depict a step forward to that journey is RITIM NMS. It sets your environment free from paper by reporting daily SLA via email. Weekly,  monthly and yearly SLA’s will follow at appropriate time, so that you do not need to maintain a separate record on file to compute it for future.